What happens to love when temptation lures the faithful?

"The age-old adage, 'The grass looks greener on the other side' perfectly describes" THE SONG, writes James Vaughn Jr. for Absolutely Gospel. 

"This weekend, I had a unique opportunity to view a motion picture that is set to release on September 26, THE SONG. This is a family friendly feature that delves into a modern-day look at King David and his son Solomon." 

In the film, a determined young singer, Jed King chaffs in the shadow of his superstar dad. He goes to a vineyard harvest festival, meets and marries the girl of his dreams, then composes for her “The Song,” which becomes a chart-topper. The success Jed has long coveted is finally achieved. But with success comes temptation -- and what's right or wrong doesn't seem to matter in the passion of the moment.

"How many times have we been in a similar situation?" asks Vaughn. "We knew the right thing to do however, the wrong thing seemed more appealing and therefore we lay aside integrity, reputation, and our testimony."

THE SONG is entertaining on multiple levels, writes Vaughn. 

"I believe that viewers will be challenged in how they handle relationships. I recommend this movie as a faith-based family film for couples," he concludes. "I enjoyed the movie and am looking forward to hitting the theater this weekend with my wife for a date night.

"It’s a solid movie that will challenge you."