THE SONG stands out, says Christian Post reviewer

"Of all the faith-based films in theaters this year," writes Emma Koonse for the Christian Post, "THE SONG stands out with its modern-day adaptation of the life and writings of King Solomon, found in the biblical books, the Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes."

The trailer "takes an unexpectedly hard look at the challenges of marriage when an aspiring singer-songwriter is thrust into the limelight after writing a hit song about his wife," she notes. "The music-driven love story was shot on location in Nashville and Kentucky, which are both known for Americana music and family, which weigh heavily in THE SONG.

"In a film that aims to strengthen couples and families, it also provides an uplifting message of hope for overcoming personal struggles and failures.

"In theaters Sept. 26, THE SONG follows a musician, Jed King, on a journey through faith, love, and fame. Thrust into the life of a star, Jed is confronted with temptation and greed when his life and marriage begin to fall apart. The Richard Ramsey-directed film stars Alan Powell as Jed while Ali Faulkner plays Rose in a story that brings common challenges of marriage to the forefront.

"I'm proud of you," Rose tells her husband once his song climbs the charts in the trailer. "Enjoy it."

However, along with Jed's mounting fame comes obstacles that threaten to destroy his marriage. And when temptation arrives in the form of young single female artist named Shelby who joins his tour, Jed must choose between a life of fame or his family.

"I want a man who believes in something bigger than all of this," Rose says in the final scene of the trailer.