Reviewer sees stern message, fresh reminder in THE SONG

"This modern-day story of Solomon's life depicts the joys of walking in purity and the sorrows of stumbling in sin," writes movie critic Rebecca Cedillo. "The lead character, Jed, writes a beautiful song about his wife, launching him to stardom. Life on the road without his wife proves fatal to his integrity as he delves into the 'pleasures' of this world. Soon the consequences of his sin wreak havoc on every relationship, leaving Jed with a decision to fear the Lord in repentance -- or die in despair."

That's a stern message to find in a film, but Cedillo says it was rewarding -- and fulfilling. She particularly enjoyed the music.

"There were a number of characters in this film with a variety of themes in their songs," she continues. "Their heart allegiances were exposed through their lyrics. Now, this pressing question on my heart demands an answer: What song am I singing? What song does my husband hear? What song do my children hear?

"When our church congregation sings 'Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,' the worship leader often emphasizes the meaning of 'tune my heart to sing thy grace,'" adds Cedillo. "One's heart is often like an old, worn-out piano. Sometimes my heart needs retuning to sing of the grace of God."

"This film was like a reminder in the mailbox: 'Your Piano is Due for a Tuning. Schedule an appointment TODAY!'"