Legendary athlete Charlie Ward: “THE SONG blessed my marriage”

“This must-see movie is both relevant and relatable for all marriages," says basketball great Charlie Ward. "During the many years I spent in the NBA, it was a daily challenge to not let my travel schedule create distance in our marriage."

So, he identifies easily with the story in THE SONG -- in which a musician with a runaway hit struggles to preserve his marriage.

Ward is one of the most versatile athletes in history. Not only is he a retired basketball pro, he won college football's Heisman Trophy winner as a quarterback for Florida State University, and subsequently led the Seminoles to their first-ever National Championship when FSU defeated Nebraska 18–16 in the 1993 Orange Bowl. He was inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame with Emmitt Smith and Bobby Bowden in 2006. Furthermore, he was a Major League Baseball draftee.

"As a high school football coach now with far less travel, I know that a relational disconnect can happen even when you are home," he says. "It happens everyday in offices, on factory floors, in hospital corridors and any place where people interact.  

"I appreciate how THE SONG exposes real struggles, teaches high-impact lessons in what to do and not to do, and celebrates the joy and beauty of marriage. THE SONG with its poetic use of the Song of Solomon has the potential to save, restore and reinvigorate millions of marriages. It definitely blessed my marriage and I will be telling every couple I know to go see it!”

THE SONG from Samuel Goldwyn Films and City on a Hill Productions will be released nationwide September 26.