Jeff Foxworthy: We enjoyed THE SONG, glad it got gritty!

They've been married 29 years now, so they know how to make a marriage work amid the pressures and temptations of fame and celebrity.

You probably better know the couple, Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy and Pamela Gregg Foxworthy, as Jeff and Gregg Foxworthy. She's an accomplished actress and appeared with her comedian husband in the film "Check Your Neck." A few days ago, they attended a special screening of THE SONG and emerged enthusiastic about the faith-based film -- even with its earthy depiction of a marriage on the rocks.

"We enjoyed THE SONG and are glad it got gritty -- that's real life," they said. "You don't hit bottom with one bad decision -- it's a series of bad decisions with one leading to another.

"THE SONG has a great message on priorities, communication, faith and redemption." The film hits theaters nationwide September 26.

The two met at the Punchline comedy club in Atlanta, have two daughters, Jordan, 22, and Julianne, 20 -- and after almost three decades of marriage don't mind offering some great advice for couples.

First, they advise: "Keep Christ at the center of your marriage." Second: "Don't put yourself in a position to fall, such as being alone with someone other than your spouse while you're feeling lonely and vulnerable."

Other words of wisdon: "Home needs to be a safe haven," agree the Foxworthys. "Work is 'what you do' not 'who you are.' Keep family first!" and finally, "Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!"

Jeff spends much of his time traveling and performing.  His show "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" is now in syndication and Jeff is hosting the Game Show Network's "The American Bible Challenge."  He's a solid believer, but he's not always thrilled with institutionalized religion.

Answering the call to host the Bible challenge wasn't a quick and easy decision, he shares. He didn’t want to exploit the Bible. He told Billy Hallowell at The Blaze, “My first thought was, ‘I don’t want to be standing in line in hell going, ‘It was the game show. My faith is a huge part of my life and, at the same time, you don’t want to exploit it.”

He told Hallowell that he remembers accepting Jesus Christ when he was just seven years old. At church with his mother, he told her he was ready to respond to the altar call -- to walk down the aisle in front of everybody and accept the Lord as his personal savior. His mother was worried he was too young and told him to wait until he had a firmer understanding. 

“I argued all the way home and the preacher came to the house and he said ‘he knows what he’s doing,’” Foxworthy remembers. “We went back that night.” Growing up in an older tradition, Foxworthy said he had a difficult time as he grew up complying with the often strict rules and regulations. He told Hallowell he remembers thinking, “I love God, but I can’t act and dress like that.”

“Here’s what I feel like," he told Hallowell. "Rather than going and sitting in a service for an hour every Sunday and that being extent of my faith, it’s more important that I live it out. I lead a Bible study with homeless guys on Tuesday mornings…I have done it for years.” He's quick to add that he does attend church on Sundays with Gregg.

It should be no surprise that Foxworthy is down-to-earth and grounded when it comes to addressing his career and family and fatherhood. 

“I love doing stuff like “5th Grader” or “Bible Challenge,” he told Hallowell. However, "it’s not what defines me in life.

"I’m a husband and I’m a dad.”