Do you find yourself yearning for answers?

Ever feel like you need support? Your marriage is on the rocks, you have trouble admitting your weaknesses and you just don’t know where to go?

In the extraordinary film THE SONG, singer/songwriter Jed King faced that dilemma. He was successful, enjoying an amazing career, thrilled that the popular song he had composed, then recorded for his beautiful wife was sweeping America.

He just didn’t see disaster looming. Neither did Maggie O. (She has asked that her real name not be publicized.) In THE SONG, Jed is played by real-life singer and songwriter Alan Powell. He struggles to catch a break when he reluctantly performs at a smalltown vineyard festival. But he falls in love, marries the girl of his dreams, then writes his bride "The Song," which becomes a coast-to-coast hit. Suddenly he is thrust into stardom he had yearned for, the success and thrill of the world’s applause. But his marriage begins to fall apart.

His weakness? A beautiful backup violinist who captivates him as well as his audiences when she accompanies him on stage.

In real life, Maggie O’s weakness was drugs. “To tell you that my journey to recovery was easy,” she shares, “to tell you that staying clean was easy would be far from the truth. The only thing you have to change is everything, but you won’t have to do it alone.

“My story of recovery started by me acknowledging God for the first time in a long time, and asking God to take away the desire from my lips to use. The next step was to get honest with myself, and acknowledge that I needed help.”

She reached out to a counselor who suggested she try the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army? The folks who ring bells in front of department stores at Christmas? Who run used-clothing stores? Who feed skid-row bums and winos sleeping on downtown sidewalks?

“I must have already attended more than 50 assessments” of her drug problem, Maggie admits. But this time was different, she shares. This was “the only time that I ever really wanted help.”

“However, the lady informed me after our discussion that I would just not be able to get in because they didn’t have a bed available in Detox. I’ll never forget the feeling of despair and the look on my mother and grandmother’s face when I told them.

“I knew inside that this was the end for me. Deep inside, something told me that I would never be coming back to that place; that I was going to die with my addiction. And just as we were about to walk to the door, a man stopped me.”

He had just returned from lunch. “And he asked me why I was coming there.”

“Tears came down for the first time in years as I uttered to him my honest reply, ‘I’m just tired of killing myself.’”

He began to quiz her, listened carefully, checked with his co-workers, then offered a surprising solution. “He determined that with my situation, that it would be safe to allow me to detox in their residential treatment program.

“I believe that God spoke to that man that day,” says Maggie O, who first abused drugs at age 9. “Because of him listening to God, he saved my life.

“God has brought me back to life again,” she writes, proudly announcing five years of sobriety. “It also marks one year that I have been married with my husband.”

It was God that made it happen says Maggie O.

And it's God who will make it happen for you, say the producers of THE SONG, who not only are releasing a life-changing movie on September 26, but also offer a 6-week devotional journey for couples yearning for answers – six 15-minute video episodes on two DVDs that offer straightforward teaching through the Bible’s most romantic book, the Song of Solomon, led by pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman.

THE SONG is about love, life, temptation and seeking answers. Jed King desperately needed answers. So did Maggie O.

It was at the Salvation Army outreach where she found peace.  As a result, she writes, today she and her husband have “a beautiful daughter, a great church family, and my real family is starting to come back around the faith again.

“The blessings are endless and the promises of God remain firm forever. It is so nice to live in peace after all those years of chaos and confusion. I know that God was just waiting for me, just like I know He’s just waiting for all the others suffering.

“All I needed was Him, and everything else became clear. God is good.”