Could a date night to THE SONG save your marriage?

If one reason for filming THE SONG was to save at least one marriage, then this movie has achieved a noble goal.

"Not sure who will read this," reads a note just messaged to the producers.

It's from musician Jonny Escobedo Gore. "I am in the Christian band 'Least of These,'" he writes, "and we have spent the last two years touring the country. During this this time, my relationship of six years saw some struggles because of my being on the road.

"This past year we got married (we waited until our wedding night -- that's 6 years of waiting too. Not bragging, but that plays a role in the story here in a minute). Anyway two weeks after our wedding, I had to go back on the road again for another four weeks, and when I got home, I found myself in the exact situation as one depicted in this movie.

"I felt that my being home clearly meant the first thing that happened would be... You know... And I could tell something was bothering my wife, which in a way bothered me because I didn't see what was wrong.

"Anyway, to wrap this story up, my wife and I went and saw this movie last night."

As he sat next to his wife, he writes, "I immediately saw the error in my thinking." 

Watching THE SONG, "It helped me so much see it from an outside perspective where I didn't have to take personal offense to anything and could just learn from what was being shown."


"As a musician who will continue touring several months out of the year, this movie really helped remind me what's important, and what mindset I need to remember to keep," he wrote. "Thank you so much for making this movie. It was well received. - Jonny"

Before we shared this publicly, we wrote back to him. Was he OK with the entire world knowing such a personal story?

"Let me check with my wife first and I'll let you know in the next 5-10 minutes," he answered.

We waited. Then, "Just talked with her and she said that is totally fine," he texted us.

"I hope it is able to help others. Thanks for connecting with me."