Alan Powell is “terrific,” says USA Today critic, “dynamic,” “edgy”

Who is the leading man in THE SONG who is getting all the great press?

Alan Powell, who plays songwriter/musician Jed King, "is terrific," exclaims USA Today and Arizona Republic critic Randy Cordova. "He boasts a dynamic, slightly edgy presence that holds the film together. He also generates sparks with both leading actresses. Sexual chemistry isn't a quality you normally find in Christian-themed films, but Powell brings it full force here. Perhaps because Powell is a touring musician in real life, the concert scenes boast an energy and realism that keeps them from feeling hollow. He doesn't feel like an actor playing a singer; instead, he creates a fully rounded character, which is one reason the movie works as well as it does."

Expect THE SONG to "offer some pleasures along the way," enthuses Frank Scheck for the Hollywood Reporter: "The musical performances."

THE SONG will "touch your hearts with such beautiful songs," marvels Alicia Pablo for the entertainment site Hallels.

Performing most of those songs is Powell -- who plays THE SONG's singer/songwriter Jed King. Powell provides vocals, guitar and keyboards for the Nashville-based Christian group Anthem Lights. Although he had never acted, THE SONG's director Richard Ramsey told Kim Jones of Music Times that there was never a question that he was Jed King. "He had tremendous chemistry with the two lead actresses. He also had that 'swagger'... something intangible, that Jed needed to have to convince an audience his character could be famous. People gasp in disbelief when I tell them this is Alan’s first film. I’ve known people who’ve been acting for years who can’t do some of the stuff he does in this movie."

"You're a husband and a father," Jones asked Powell. "Much like Jed, you do spend a lot of time on the road and in the spotlight. How would you say Jed, the character, is like Alan, the man?"

"As a musician when we first started," answered Powell, "I spent a lot of time on the road. I honestly spent too much time on the road. I understand what's that like to have it put a strain on your marriage."

In THE SONG, Jed goes on a journey in which "life is meaningless and nothing matters," Powell told Jones. "I've never come to the conclusion that nothing matters. I've been fortunate enough to be just enthralled and fascinated by my family. My faith is ever-evolving, as I think all ours always is, but I've never come to the place where i thought that everything was meaningless. But I tell you what -- playing the character was a learning experience for me. I learned a lot from Jed and the conclusions that he came to. 

"I feel like our goal in life is to further love in our world -- to treat our family well, prioritizing them and to show everyone around us that there is something more to this life than simply what we see. And while although the toys are really great and it's cool that people are paying attention to you (there is nothing inherently wrong with that), it's certainly a waste if you're spending your life attempting to gain those things. I would hope that people would see that in this film as well.

"The goal of the film," said Powell, "is to remind people that your family is very, very important. Hopefully, when they walk out of the theater, they'll want to call their wife or their husband or their kids and say, 'Hey, I just want you to know that I love you. If you didn't feel that today or if I forgot to tell you, I just want you to know."