Enduring love, does it happen in real life? Or just in the movies?

"I love you as I never loved before," the bride began as the surf crashed.

"And I treasure every morning I reach over and you are there," the groom responded.

"Garrett and Catherine Murphy renewed their vows to one another on Sunday at the same seashore where they had honeymooned exactly 61 years ago," reports Robert Michaelson reporting for Seacoast Online. "Their love is much like the beach beneath their feet. It has withstood the sweep of time, waves of change and is shared with all around."

How did they do it? How can any couple today survive our culture's temptations -- not to mention the relaxation of social standards that have sustained the institution of marriage for centuries? That's among the questions asked in THE SONG, a romantic, sexy movie scheduled for release September 26.

"A line of seashells in the sand formed a heart around the loving couple, and the love poured in from the many loved ones surrounding it," writes Michaelson. "The newly newlyweds created quite the large family for themselves after saying their first marriage vows to one another in 1953. They had 15 children, 35 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, to be exact. Having such a large family means that there is always someone ready to step in when needed. That came in handy when the original officiator broke her ankle after tripping down a stairs before the ceremony, and the job fell to daughter Sarah Murphy." 

"With a family this size with this many gatherings and this much planning," Murphy said, "it is not unusual for some of us to take on a role." 

It's the role of tempted husband that Alan Powell (lead-singer for "Anthem Lights") plays in THE SONG. The story is inspired by the biblical book Song of Solomon and revolves around singer/songwriter Jed King who is struggling to catch a break and escape the long shadow of his famous country music father. He falls in love, marries and writes a breakout hit, "The Song," which thrusts him into stardom and terrible choices, threatening his marriage to the beautiful love of his life. Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired U.S. rights to the music-driven love story starring Caitlin Nicol-Thomas ("Nashville") and Ali Faulkner (Twilight: Breaking Dawn) and features ten original songs produced for the film. 

Eighty-six-year-old Murphy says she was even more nervous as she walked to the altar than when she was 22 years old -- since there were so many family members present this time around. 

"All in attendance spoke of the amazing kindness and memories given by the couple," writes Michaelson. "So much time has been spent sharing love with their family, and with each other."

"Every year it is almost like they are renewing their vows anyway because they sit there and hold hands like high school kids on the beach," said their youngest son, Geoffrey Murphy. "We just thought it would be nice to do it officially."

The couple looked on with pride as their family gathered together after Sunday's ceremony. They sat together, hand-in-hand, and said the same thing when asked about their life together.

"I love him entirely."

"I love her entirely."